What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding in an exotic location far from home. Most Beach Destination weddings take place in the Caribbean on islands such as Roatan. A destination wedding can be as large or small as the couple desires. Some couples prefer to celebrate by themselves, some with only close relatives, while others choose to invite as many guests as they would to a traditional wedding back at home. A destination wedding is perfect for those with guest lists and budgets of all sizes. 

Why plan a destination wedding?

There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding. Destination weddings give couples and their families the chance to spend three to seven days together in an exotic location rather than just four or five hours in a banquet room. They offer the bride and groom's families the chance to truly bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. The cost of a destination wedding is another reason couples may decide to plan one. Destination weddings can be as luxurious or simple as the couple likes and they're within reach for those with budgets small and large. Additionally, destination weddings are unique and enjoyable for the couple and their guests.

Why book our wedding with Roatan Events?

Planning a wedding requires considerable time, organization and expertise. Planning a wedding far from home can be especially challenging to do on your own. Our experienced Wedding Specialists make the process simple for you and your guests. Your Wedding Specialist will help you choose the perfect location and resort and book your honeymoon and travel accommodations for you and your guests. Your wedding planner will not only be there to help you through the planning process, but will also be on-site for the setup and duration of your wedding.


Why not work directly with a resort and use their on-site wedding coordinator?

Many resorts and hotels offer an on-site wedding coordinator for $300-400 to help organize your wedding. These "wedding coordinators" do not have the expertise or passion to assist you all the way. Most of the time, they are simply an employee the resort appoints to do this role. Your Wedding Specialist, on the other hand, has full capabilities and experience to make sure your planning process is as simple as possible and that on that special day you will get exactly the wedding you want.

But isn't it cheaper to book my wedding directly through the resort?

No. Our clients are always surprised at how our prices are much cheaper than booking their wedding directly with the resort they choose. Also, most hotels and resorts offer standard wedding packages that include only the basic features, and do not offer customization or themed weddings, which means that you will end up with an "all white" standardized simple wedding, instead of getting the personalized wedding you've always dreamed of.

Who are you as a company and What services will the Wedding Planner provide?

Roatan Events has been planning destination weddings for over ten years. Our specialists have years of experience planning destination weddings for tourists from all over the world who are coming to Roatan Just to get married. We do all the arrangements so that the couple and they're guests simply have to "show up" to the wedding.​

At no extra cost, your wedding planner will assist you with all of the wedding ceremony and reception arrangements and organize every detail so you don't have to worry about a thing. We have partnered with the top venues and vendors in the country to assure you get the largest variety, best quality and unbeatable prices on wedding cakes, florals, decorations, music, entertainment, photographer and many more features. Let us assist you in creating a magical day with innovative floral designs, personalized color themes, linens of any kind and a custom menu tailored to your taste and budget.

How much experience do your specialists have?

Our Wedding Specialists have years of experience and are passionate about planning destination weddings. They are with couples from the beginning stages of the planning process, to welcoming them home as husband and wife. 

What are your fees?

There are no fees for our services. After three personalized quotes, we require a commitment deposit of 20% which is to reserve the wedding location, the wedding date, our services and the equipment rental. This amount gets put towards your final payment. Couples who do not want to confirm the event yet after more than three customized updated quotes but would like to continue customizing their wedding, can choose to do this commitment-free for only $550. Your wedding Planner will continue to elaborate as many quotes and packages as you like and will continue to give you consulting on your wedding. You can then choose to do your wedding with us or another company. This amount gets put towards your final payment if you then decide to confirm the wedding through us. Please note that by choosing this option, it does not guarantee that the wedding location and services you liked will be available later on.

Do you have a list of venues and resorts that you work with?

We work with just about any venue, hotel or resort on the island, but we will make suggestions based on your number of guests and budget.

Do you get the best prices for travel packages?

Roatan Events has partnered with most resorts on the island and get preferential discounted rates for our clients. We guarantee you a 100% Satisfaction & a Price-Match Promise. We guarantee to offer you competitive packages for you and your guests. If you do find a better rate elsewhere, we will match or beat it! The best way to get great prices, however, is to book early, especially when it comes to group rates. 

I'm concerned about my guests being able to afford to come, what does it cost for the guests?

Because every wedding is customized to fit the needs of every couple, each wedding is different, as are the costs. Your wedding can be as simple or lavish as you like. We work with clients of all kind of budgets. The travel costs depend on the time of year and resort. We will suggest the best option according to your budget. 

How far in advance do we need to book?

We suggest booking a minimum of 6 months in advance if you want to get married between December - April which is our busiest time of the year. We have greater flexibility to accommodate your requests the earlier you book. Last minute requests and bookings are also very welcomed so please contact us.

Do we have to pay for our reservations in full right away?

We offer an easy payment plan which allows you and your guests the flexibility of spreading the payment of travel expenses out over time, which makes it easier and more affordable for your closest friends and family to be part of your big day.​

When do we need to make our guest room reservations?

Your wedding planner will assist you with all the guest room reservations and special rates. At the time you book your wedding date we recommend you reserve your and your close relatives' rooms to make sure we have availability. Your guests will also receive the discounted rates as well, but can choose to book their rooms later on.

Where on the island can we have our ceremony?

You have the option of having a beach ceremony right on the white sand, or a poolside ceremony overlooking the beach, or on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, or a waterfront small church or inside one of our gorgeous venues.

Will I be able to choose the venue?

Yes, we can arrange your wedding at any venue on the island. we will send you detailed information and photos of the best venues on the island.

If I choose to have an outdoor wedding, what will happen if it rains?

Your wedding planner will plan an appropriate back up location for your wedding. Most resorts and locations have a beautiful restaurant area and covered patio on site.

How do we obtain a Honduran Marriage License?

Most couples choose to do their legal paperwork in their country of origin. But if you choose to do it locally, your wedding planner will assist you with the paperwork that you will need to acquire and submit it for you in advance or make an appointment for you to submit it in person when you arrive.  Contact our wedding planner to receive a detailed list of the documents required and the procedure to be followed.

Can we ship items ahead of time?

Yes, but currently you can only ship by ocean freight which takes 4-6 weeks and prices are costly. Contact our wedding planner to see if items can be purchased locally for the same or lower price, or we will help you get them shipped here on time for your wedding.

How do we start planning our wedding in Roatan?

Contact weddings@roatanevents.com to discuss your wedding or event needs with our professional wedding planner and get a free customized quote within 24 hours.